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Women in Leadership Alliance is made up of a great company of women who are: strong in their faith, pioneers in their community, secure in their identity, influential, prayer warriors, lovers of Jesus and passionate about fulfilling their God-given purpose.

This ministry was birthed during my lowest time, due to my own desperation to have someone walk alongside me, to hold up my weary arms, to identify with my pain & shame, someone trustworthy, someone who I could be brutally honest with & someone who would not judge me but extend unconditional love, grace and hope!

For such a time as this, WILLA, under the leadership of Eunice Bez is designed to…

  • Connect women who are like- minded

  • Propel, empower and encourage women to be all they were created to be

  • Provide a safe place and private forum for those in ministry leadership

  • to celebrate their uniqueness

  • provide prayer covering for you, your ministry and your business

  • networking opportunities with other ministries & businesses, provide resources, share and support community events

  • meet monthly for a time to be re-charged, re-focused, encouraged and  refreshed

  • counseling and personal ministry will be available by appointment

  • to offer membership for those desiring to meet in a more intimate/private setting (refer to Forum tab)

  • to allow friendships and mentoring relationships to develop organically

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Please submit completed application to:
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